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Embarking on custom home building has several moving parts. From the very beginning, we desire for you to have a complete understanding of your home's customized building process, while also experiencing the luxury of letting Loudermilk Homes take care of the details. We aim to serve, not to overwhelm. Your first steps towards a custom home building can be filled with both excitement and uncertainty. At Loudermilk Homes, we understand that what you need is a trusted partner and guide. Our experience in custom home building has led us to develop a step-by-step process that will lead you to move-in day and beyond. As you begin your journey with Loudermilk Homes, rest assured that the entire process is laid out for you beforehand. We hope that each step you take is as predictable as possible with few surprises along the way.

It is time to design your new home! We start by choosing from our custom home building collection of luxury floor plans, then customize it to fit your lifestyle. Our designer will become your personal guide in transforming the chosen floor plan into your perfect home. We truly begin with the very end in mind. From your tastes in art to your favorite styles of lighting, we custom build the home around you. Begin by completing our Design Questionnaire, built to uncover key aspects of your life that will lay the foundation of your custom home.

The first design meeting we hold with a client is the inspiration meeting. During this meeting, we will go over the answers to your design questionnaire, take a peek at any photos you find that fits your unique taste, and prepare you for what is to come in the custom home building process. After we have developed an understanding of your desires for high-level design, we will finalize a budget and make any necessary changes to the architecture.

Once the design phase has been completed, we will carefully review each aspect of your Loudermilk Home and determine if any final changes need to be made. If you are building in an existing neighborhood, there will be an Architectural Review Process (ARC) to review and approve your plans. We will work closely with the architect and the ARC to make sure all the elements of your plans for your custom home building are ready for review.

Once plans are approved by the ARC and finalized, we will introduce you to our custom home building app, which allows you to follow along with construction in real time. You will be involved in the process every step of the way, which includes approving any needed changes along the way and confirming details for your Loudermilk Home. Your involvement in the custom build is what makes a Loudermilk Home truly custom. This is your custom home and we work for you.
This is the final design stage. You will review all your architecture choices thoroughly and make any final changes. You will take a look at a large amount of photos and samples of the designs you have chosen so you can better a better idea of what your dream home will look like. Our team will walk you through the ENTIRE house virtually, and you will ultimately sign off on the design. And then it’s time to get started on your custom home!
Once we have completed grading on your lot, we will bring you to the site to review the project and ensure your satisfaction with the grading and walls.
After the second floor of your home has been framed, we will bring you to the site to ensure your satisfaction with the framing and to prepare you for details on the mechanics. We always mark the floors with outlines of all electrical, low voltage, plumbing, HVAC, and cabinets to ensure accuracy.
After all the rough mechanics are finished or are close to being finished, you will have the chance to review and request any changes on the placement of lighting, electrical sockets, HVAC vents, and plumbing. Here, you will also get to review the exterior brick, stone, or stucco. The details are important to us, and our experience with custom home building allows us to concentrate on what will work for you!
After sheetrock has been installed, you will get to view the sheetrock along with samples of crown molding, baseboard, and window trim. You will also get to review tile and paint color samples on the walls and trim. We will then walk the exterior of the home to let you approve the final exterior facade and get a glimpse of the landscaping and driveway design of your dream home.
One of the last meetings will be the finishes meeting. Here, our team will review cabinets, trim and hardwood floors options with you. We will have a few hardwood floor samples for you to compare and view against the backdrop of the nearly finished home.

Your Project Superintendent and our VP of Construction, Jeff Morgan will walk through the entire house with you to ensure that every possible detail meets your expectation. We are focused on all details of custom home building in order to make the perfect house for you. Think of this as a meeting with a concierge or sommelier who will walk you through your experience to ensure your maximum enjoyment. After the walk through, you will be given the opportunity to sign off on any details or changes prior to closing.

The final step before moving into your Loudermilk Home is the closing. We will guide you through the process to ensure that all the documentation and paperwork are properly prepared for your custom home before signing.

The finishing touch on your Loudermilk Homes experience is the One-Month Post Closing Walk-Through. We will walk through your home with you again one month after closing. Here, we will ensure that each and every issue or concern with your home has been addressed. After this meeting, you will sign-off again to indicate your satisfaction.

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