The Loudermilk 9 Step Process to Perfection



Loudermilk Homes was founded on a vision of making luxury home design and construction easy and fun. We will serve as your personal concierge and guide you through the process, from design inspiration to construction and completion. 

That’s why we created a 9-step “Process to Perfection” that gives you complete transparency and insight every step of the way. Our process removes the uncertainty and surprises, and our custom Loudermilk Connect app provides real-time schedule and budget updates, a live video feed and an archive of all your selections for tile, flooring, light fixtures, paint colors and more.

Rest assured that we will take care of the hard work and details that will transform your dream to reality, so you can focus on the fun part of choosing a design and style that fits your exact needs.

Let’s start designing your new home! We start by choosing from our collection of luxury home floor plans, then customize it to fit your exact lifestyle. Our professional designers will become your personal guide in transforming a floor plan into your perfect home, starting with a gourmet kitchen and working outward and upward.

Together we will discover your preferences in design, architecture, light fixtures, color palette and more as we envision your dream home. Our Design Questionnaire will help reveal your taste preferences and design aesthetic, and will capture details on your lifestyle such as whether you entertain often and whether you have children or pets. These elements will guide us in creating a custom design for your luxury home.

During the Inspiration meeting, we will talk through your Design Questionnaire and look through dozens of photos and samples to refine your tastes and preferences and prepare you for what is to come as we design and build your perfect custom home.

After we finish the high-level design of your dream home, we will carefully review each aspect of your Loudermilk Home and determine if any final changes need to be made. If you are building in an existing neighborhood, there is often an Architectural Review Committee (ARC) that must review and approve your plans. We will work closely with the architect and the ARC to make sure it is meets their guidelines and is ready for approval.

In the Architecture step, we ensure that plans are approved by the ARC, or we make any necessary adjustments to gain approval.

We will also finalize a budget and introduce you to our Loudermilk Connect app, which serves as a roadmap and real-time project tracker and lets you sign documents and approve changes along the way.  

The Loudermilk Connect app is a key feature that underscores the Loudermilk Difference by giving you complete transparency into the process of bringing your custom home to life.

Once the architecture is complete, we will meet again to look at more photos and samples of the designs you have chosen so you can better a better idea of what your dream home will look like. Together we will do a virtual walk through of every room of your custom home so you can make any final tweaks before finalizing the design. Now it’s time for us to start building your custom home.

After we have done a groundbreaking and graded your lot, we will bring you to the site to approve the grading and wall placement ensure your satisfaction and clear the way for framing to begin.

After the second floor of your home has been framed, we will bring you to the site to ensure your satisfaction and to prepare you for details on the mechanics. We will mark the floors with outlines of all electrical, low voltage, plumbing, HVAC, and cabinets to ensure accuracy.

Once mechanicals have been roughed in, we will walk through your home to tweak the placement or location of things like air vents, light fixtures, electrical sockets and plumbing so we can make sure they are exactly the way you want them. You will also review exterior materials such as brick, stone or stucco.

After sheetrock is installed, we pause to finish a window with trim, crown molding, baseboards, paint colors and floor samples to make sure you still love your selections. We might also show you a few other samples so you can compare them. Most builders don’t do this, but we think it’s a key step in making sure your custom home is perfect in every way. You’ll also approve the final exterior facade and approve landscaping and the driveway, and can stay updated on the schedule and budget through the Loudermilk Connect app.

One of our last meetings is to review your choices for cabinets, trim, hardwood floors and other finishes. All of your selections are archived in the Loudermilk Connect app, so you can see the features and design of your new custom home from any mobile device 24/7. Your custom Loudermilk Home is almost finished.

Our VP of Construction and your Project Superintendent and will walk through the entire house with you to ensure that everything is perfect. Think of this as a meeting with an attentive concierge whose entire job is to make you happy. We will also explain our warranty program and show you how to maintain all of the systems in your home, and you will sign off on any outstanding items or changes needed before closing.