Why Clean Job Sites Matter

What can you learn about a builder by looking at one of their jobsites?

Quite a lot.

Are things neat and tidy, or are materials and trash scattered around haphazardly?

We think it’s important to keep the correct materials on hand, keep things organized and stored properly and have crews clean up debris at the end of every single workday.

Holding ourselves and our contractors to these high standards can save $5,000 to $6,000 dollars or more on every luxury home we build, and that savings shows our clients that we are being mindful of how their dollars are being spent.

We once had extra doors and other materials stored at a site, and whoever stored them piled them on top of each other and left them exposed to rain. Contractors walked across them and they were warped, dented and beaten up because of carelessness. We lost $3,000 worth of materials, and we want to make sure that never happens again.

We can confirm that job sites are clean through the real-time video feeds we have at every job site. Daily photos and work logs posted to our app, Loudermilk Connect, also let us know whether the interiors of homes are being kept clean.

In addition to saving money, a clean job site also reduces the risk of injuries, encourages accountability, fosters pride in our work, and strengthens our reputation.

It’s a subtle but powerful way of communicating that you have high standards and pay attention to detail, and that you expect the same of everyone else.

To us, that’s just as valuable as the thousands of dollars we’re also saving.

Mary Jane Credeur