Progressive Value EngineerinG SAVES REAL MONEY

Every builder strives for efficiency and cost savings, and we are taking it even further with a technique we call “progressive value engineering.”

It’s a powerful took that shortens our building cycle and reduces materials costs without compromising quality and craftsmanship. It also shows our clients that we are being good stewards of their dollars as we find ways to stretch their investment further.

Our approach to progressive value engineering also gives clients insight into the disciplined and structured way we design and build custom luxury homes as we work hard to deliver their home on time and on budget.

We begin with a proprietary 10-page architectural checklist that we’ve refined over more than a decade.

We work with architects to take advantage of the enormous potential for value engineering at the earliest stage of design by looking for more efficient floor layout and opportunities to stack walls. We also determine the optimum use of expensive components such as beams and tempered glass.

There are visual, cosmetic and practical benefits as well. For example, our process helps us make sure that doors don’t awkwardly open into each other and that HVAC runs are as short as possible to conserve energy.

Once the design is set, we analyze the most efficient ways to construct the home while we are creating construction documents. Most builders don’t do this until they get to the field, and by then it’s too late.

The greatest benefit of our progressive value engineering strategy and our attention to detail is that we can design and build custom homes that are a perfect fit for each client’s unique lifestyle.

Clients who entertain frequently love having a second preparation kitchen and more space to host visitors. Families with children appreciate our custom-built nooks for storing backpacks and sports equipment to minimize clutter.

Find out how we can help you create a custom luxury home that is perfect in every way. Contact us here to schedule a discovery meeting or tour our available homes.