Custom Kitchens, Bathrooms Create Value

Investing in custom features and high-end appliances is one of the best ways to create value in a custom luxury home.

Kitchens with top-of-the-line appliances, cabinets, countertops and other features can increase the value of a luxury home by tens of thousands of dollars.

Because kitchens are usually the focal point of luxury Atlanta homes, we start every design with the kitchen and work our way out. Homebuyers who entertain frequently may want a second island, more cabinets, larger pantry space or a second prep kitchen down the hallway.

Creating a spa quality bathroom with marble countertops, a dual-head shower and a luxurious soaking tub can also boost the value of a home by tens of thousands of dollars. Our design professionals guide clients through an inspiration process to uncover their desires for unique features such as a salon station for hairstyling, or a steam feature in the shower of the master bathroom.

Custom closets are another draw. If a member of the family collects shoes, watches or handbags, we can create special customized closet space or cabinetry to display their prized collection.

We also future-proof our luxury homes by adding wiring for smart home technologies and audio-visual equipment, and installing more USB outlets throughout the home so it’s easy to charge mobile devices in any room.

Find out how Loudermilk Homes can help you create value with a custom designed and built luxury home in the Atlanta area. You can reach out to us here.