Can Alexa truly do it all?

This sweet, funny commercial shows just a couple of the neat things Amazon’s Alexa voice command technology can do.

We integrate Alexa into our smart home systems so homeowners can control everything from temperature to lighting and sound systems.

It can also control the irrigation system, thanks to Alexa's buddy, Rachio.

Rachio allows you to easily control your irrigation by programming the system and then speaking a simple voice command to Alexa.

You can use Rachio to create customizable watering schedules, rain delays and so much more. For example, if the system detects that it is raining that day, it won’t water the lawn or it will water it for a shorter period than usual.

If your family decides to play in the yard during the normal watering schedule, you can tell Alexa to have Rachio delay the usual watering cycle or only water the front yard at that time.

This zoning capability conserves water where and when you don't need it, and puts down more water when your lawn needs it most.

Let’s talk about how we can make your custom luxury home even better with smart home technology. It’s just one piece of the Loudermilk Difference.

Smart HomeLydia Sloan