If you are looking into custom home building to design and construct your dream home, there are some important questions you should ask a potential custom home builder before you begin the process to ensure there is alignment on your values and approach to such a large project.

Here are six key questions to ask a custom home builder: 

1. Are you insured and licensed in my state? Builders must be insured and licensed to build in the state you live in before the process begins. This might sound like an obvious question to ask, but it is one of the most crucial elements in the custom home building process. 

2. Can you build my home within my desired budget? Finding a builder who can create your dream home within your budget is the goal is crucial. Make sure to discuss your expectations and how they can be achieved within your budget. At Loudermilk Homes, we created the Loudermilk Connect app that gives real-time schedule and budget updates so there are never any surprises on the total project cost.

3. How customized can you make my home? Ask the builder what features can be customized to really make your dream home perfect in every way. Loudermilk Homes created a 9-step “Process to Perfection” that ensures each custom luxury home has all of the features and designs that you want. From gourmet kitchens to spa bathrooms, wine cellars and custom landscaping, we can make your design ideas come to life. 

4. Do you have a model home I can see? A model home gives you a good idea about what to expect from a particular builder. You can see their design techniques, the quality of materials used and the custom craftsmanship to get a sense of what your custom home would look like if built by that custom home builder. A leading custom home builder should look forward to showing off their work and giving you a tour of their finest work. 

5. How involved will I be during the project? It is important that homeowners are pretty involved, informed and up to date on all that is going on in the construction process. At Loudermilk Homes, our Loudermilk Connect app and 9-step “Process to Perfection” create numerous opportunities to confirm your choices for things like flooring, tile, light fixtures, cabinets and even the placement of air vents and electrical outlets to make sure that everything is exactly the way you want it.

6. Will I receive updates about the building process? We provide constant updates during construction, starting with a real-time 24/7 video feed that shows your custom dream home being built. Our Loudermilk Connect app also has daily photos and work logs that show exactly what happened that day, and what’s going to happen next. If a storm delays framing or roofing, the schedule is updated immediately to show an adjusted target completion date. Loudermilk Connect helps us give you complete transparency and more control during the construction process.

These are crucial questions to ask a custom home builder when you are contemplating designing and building your dream home. More information and better insights about the process will help make luxury homebuilding easy and fun.